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Welcome to Bewitched

formally Magnifique Artistry

It has been in the making for many months....

As we progress toward an unprecedented year for weddings, and many more in the upcoming years, we have taken the leap to take Magnifique Artistry to the next level as well.  You see, Magnifique Artistry started as a small dream and has grown into a concept of self love and admiration. Our stylists and artists have worked endlessly in making their clients feel like the best version of themselves.  As time passed, the name "Magnifique Artistry" was just that...a name that was chosen for expertly applied art but it does not encompass what we believe in. To love ourselves for what we have.

Bewitched means to enchant and delight. To mesmerize and charm. To captivate and enthrall. To seduce and hypnotize. Whichever version you choose, that's what our stylists and artists deliver. The best version of you.

So, strap on your most enchanting wedding gear and hop on for the best bridal experience of your life.

Welcome to Bewitched Bridal